Adult Maine Coon Weight Range

Maine Coons are known to be one of the larger breeds of cats. If you are a Maine Coon owner, then you know that it is not always easy to tell how much your cat weighs. Unlike dogs, cats can’t be weighed on the kitchen scale and they don’t have the same weight range as humans do. If you would like to have a more accurate estimate, we recommend that you take your cat to see the vet!

Weight Range of Male and Female

The average weight range for an adult male ranges from 12-18 pounds, and a female can be anywhere between 8-14 pounds. Larger males can weigh in at 20+ pounds, but that is not very common. Generally, speaking females are smaller than males because they have fewer muscles that need to support their body weight.

What is the Minimum and Maximum Weight Range for Adult Maine Coons?

The minimum weight for an adult male Maine Coon ranges around 8-10 pounds, while females can weigh as little as six pounds. On the other hand, the maximum weight for an adult male is 30 pounds, and female cats rarely exceed 20 pounds in adulthood.

Maine Coons Ideal Weight Limit

A Maine Coon’s ideal weight limit should be between 16-18 pounds. Unfortunately, many people feed their cats too much, leading to problems such as diabetes or heart disease.  It is important for owners of Maine Coons to know the ideal bodyweight limit for these animals so that they can keep them healthy and happy! 

The average Maine Coon needs about 300 calories per day, but this number can vary depending on how active they are and what type of diet they are eating. As Maine Coons grow older, it becomes harder for them to control their weight and some may become overweight or obese.

Factors That Affect Size

The size of a Maine Coon is determined by many factors that affect them to grow to a certain size like age, sex, genetics, diet, and the environment, all of which affect how large the cat will be.


Cats are usually neutered or spayed before they reach sexual maturity, at about six months old. Sexually mature cats have more muscle mass than immature cats, which affects their weight. Cats also tend to gain weight as they age.


The size of an adult Maine Coon is variable by gender. The sex of a cat has a large effect on the size due to hormonal differences between males and females. Males tend to be larger than females (but not necessarily so) because their genetics make them grow faster from birth than females are, but they also grow more.


Maine Coons are known for their large size. Breeding can help determine how big a cat will be when it grows up because it’s in the genes. The genetic makeup will determine if a Maine Coon is going to be small or big in size.


Cats need to eat a lot of food to grow and develop properly. The type of food that they eat can also affect how big they get. A high-quality diet with plenty of healthy fats will help Maine Coons grow to be larger cats while poor diets with too few calories may actually stunt growth or cause weight loss.


The environment can shape an animal’s size as well. A cat’s weight and size are largely determined by genetics and diet. However, research shows that environmental factors such as climate and food availability also affect how big cats grow.

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