Maine Coon Cats in California

There are many reasons why Maine Coon Cats are the most popular cat breed. Some of the reasons include that they have a very unique appearance and they have an impressive vocal range which includes a chirp, purr, meow, and a mew. Maine coon kittens are one of the most sought after in the world of cats due to their size and personality. They also usually live longer than other cats

And because there is a large number of Maine Coon breeders in America, it’s easier for people to find a good breeder locally. That’s why people search for maine coon breeders near me. Some people look for maine coon cats for adoption but only few of those are available. Another interesting fact is the life span of Maine coons are a bit longer than other breeds. Some of them are also prone to allergies.

Maine Coon Cats are often considered as the world’s most popular cats due to their unique appearance and high intelligence level. Contrary to what some people may believe, these cats do not just come from the United States but also from Canada as well as other countries such as England and even France. Maine coon breeds is not originated from one specific area.

Maine Coons are a large breed of domestic cats. They have a number of names, including “American Lion,” “King of the Forest,” and “Snowball”. Maine coon fur is usually one of the best fur that you can find on a cat. They also sheds a lot of fur

Maine Coon size is a topic that people love to debate. But it is important to be objective when talking about Maine Coons because there is no official maine coon size chart. It’s not uncommon for people to overestimate the weight of a Maine Coon, which can cause problems in homes with small kids and other animals. But who does not love huge maine coon?

A giant Maine coon could weigh anywhere from 16-32 pounds while the maine coon average weight is 20 pounds, maine coon average length is 48-100cm. Meaning we should definitely sport an extra long leash when we go outside! The biggest maine coon cat is almost 70 pounds! Maine coons sure does eat a lot!

Maine Coon cats are known for their coat colors. They are usually classified into some main categories, namely:

Maine coon price is a bit steep. Maine coon cost on average is $600-$800, but it can cost up to $2000 if you want the top quality feline companion. Especially if you are looking for either cfa maine coon or akc maine coon. Mixed maine coon will usually cost less.

We have created a list of breeders and shelters in California so you could easily find them online.

List of Maine Coon Breeders in California

Breeder NameCityAssociationsWebsiteContact Breeder
1Cameronwoods Maine CoonsCameron Park TICA, 
2Cascade Mountain Maine Coon KittensSan DiegoTICA, 
3Windwalker Maine CoonsSacramentoTICA, 
4Whatatrill Maine CoonsPetalumaTICA, 
5Ttcats Cattery Maine CoonsEast Bay AreaTICA, 
6Indra’s Net Maine CoonsGrass ValleyTICA, 
7Gold Rush Maine CoonsPlacervilleTICA, 
9CaliCatsThousand OaksTICA, 
10EnchantacatsPenn Valley TICA, 
11Avistacats CatteryVistaTICA, 
12Bounding MainesNovatoTICA, CFA, 
13Mainesuspect CatteryLos AngelesTICA, 
14FivestarszLos 217-5368
17Cherokee West Maine CoonsOrovilleTICA, 
19Prestigious PurrSan DiegoTICA, 
20TelecoonsNorth of SacramentoTICA, 

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