How to Tell if a Cat is a Maine Coon

If you’re a cat owner, it’s possible that you’ve been asked this question before: “Is this a Maine Coon?” It may seem like an easy question to answer but many people don’t know how to tell if the cat is actually a Maine Coon. In order to find out for sure, there are several steps that must be followed and questions that should be answered. This post will go over all of those steps in detail so that you can figure out the answer!

Physical traits

The first way to tell if a cat is a Maine Coon is by looking at the physical traits.

  1. The easiest way to identify a Maine Coon is by looking at the fur on its face. The long, bushy whiskers on their face are characteristic of this breed. If they have these physical traits, then it is likely that they are a Maine Coon!
  2. Maine Coon apart from other breeds because of their size. They are larger than the average cat.
  3. Once you’ve determined that it’s not too small or too big then take a look at its body shape – it should be square like an average human torso. Maine Coon has a square body shape with broad shoulders
  4. Other distinctive features include a fluffy coat and their tail is long and bushy-looking
  5. Maine Coons have tufts on their ears and feet like the ones seen in raccoons
  6. They have large paws which make them look like they are wearing snowshoes
  7. Maine Coon also has some special physical traits that set it apart from other cats such as its shape of the nose and ears. These two things are not found in any other cat breed. Their large ears that are more “bat-like”, set low on the sides of their head and slightly longer than other cats.

Personality traits

The second way to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon is by looking at its behavior.

  1. Maine Coons are known to be outgoing cats who love being around people at the same time they can also be quite aloof.
  2. Highly intelligent and easy to train due to their docile nature
  3. Maine Coon is a very friendly cat and will usually come closer if you’re sitting down, but they are still cautious and may run away if you approach them from the front.
  4. They are typically very gentle animals with a lot of love to give to their human companions
  5. Loving to cuddle and have their backs scratched
  6. Good mousers

    What are the markings of a Maine Coon cat? The markings on the body of a Maine Coon Cat include:
  1. Shape – The shape can be either round or pointed
  2. Color – The color can be any mix of black, brown, red or white
  3. Facial Masks – The facial masks include tabby stripes, which are stripes that run horizontally across the face
  4. Tail tuft – A tail tuft is when the tail is longer than it’s body and has an accent stripe at the end
  5. Fur marking – There are many different factors that can affect the appearance of fur markings, and Maine Coons come in a variety of colors. But they all have distinguishing features that make them stand out from other breeds.
    Maine Coons are known for their long and silky coats which can be either solid or mixed with other colors such as white, black, red, chocolate brown and blue. The long hair also means they require more grooming than the average cat.
    The fur markings of Maine Coons are unique, and if you know what to look for there is no confusion when it comes to telling them apart from other breeds. Their patterns are distinctive and easy to recognize.
    Maine Coon cats are famous for their beautiful fur markings, which come in three different varieties: tabby, mackerel, and classic. Tabby marking patterns can vary from a striped pattern to a cheetah-like pattern. Mackerel markings are typically found on the sides of the cat’s body with stripes running horizontally across its back. Classic markings are most often seen on gray tabbies.

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