Maine Coon Life Expectancy: How to Keep them Healthy and Happy

The Maine Coon has been ranked as one of the best cat breeds by USAToday and is known for its independence. Just like any other pet, they can’t live forever, but if you want to keep them around for a long time, it’s important that you take good care of them. In the following article, we will discuss the life expectancy of Maine Coon Cats, and how they can live longer lives than other cats. We also go over some tips on keeping them happy and healthy so that they can spend more time with us.

How many years do Maine Coon cats live?

Maine Coons are lovable, intelligent, and very sociable creatures that make excellent pets for any household. But how long do they live? They have an average life expectancy that ranges from 12-16 years, they can also live up to 20 years, which is much longer than other breeds. 

Many different factors can affect the life expectancy of a Maine Coon Cat. Factors such as genetics, diet, and environment all play an important role in how long they live. There are many things you can do to keep your furry friend happy and healthy longer!

What makes Maine Coons healthy and happy?

Maine Coons tend to be healthier than most other breeds, but many owners don’t know how to care for them properly and end up reducing their lifespan or making them very unhappy. Their longevity can be attributed to the breed’s disposition and intelligence. That’s why it’s important to keep them happy and healthy as they age. There are ways we can help them live longer and happier lives! Follow the steps below and keep your kitty healthy for longer!

  1. Regularly groom your Maine coon cat with a brush or comb. This will help keep the hair in good condition, reduce shedding, and reduce the risk of matting.
  2. Take them to the vet for regular checkups and routine shots. The best thing you can do for your Maine Coon is consistent checkups with a veterinarian and spaying or neutering your cat when they reach the appropriate age.
  3. Give them plenty of opportunities to play throughout the day by providing them with safe toys that they can bat around on their own (ex: balls). Providing exercise is also very important because it helps maintain muscle tone and provides mental stimulation as well!
  4. Provide them with a variety of healthy foods. Be sure to include wet food as well as dry kibble, this will provide your Maine Coon cat with the nutrients they need for optimal health and help reduce any potential weight gain!
  5. Try not to overfeed your Maine coon cats to avoid obesity issues, which can shorten their lifespan considerably! When you’re feeding your pet, make sure that you’re using the correct-sized bowl: you don’t want it too big or small so that there’s too much leftover food after each mealtime.
    Cats are creatures of habit, so try to play around with what time of day they eat in order to get them accustomed to eating at different times (ex: if they usually eat at night, try eating during the day). This will help prevent your Maine Coon from becoming overweight and ultimately shortening their lifespan.
  6. Make sure that you’re providing them with all of the love and care that they need in order to live a healthy life for as long as possible.

How do you keep a Maine Coon entertained?

It can be difficult to keep a Maine Coon entertained, but once you know what they like, it will make your job much easier!

  1. Give them lots of toys that they can play with or chase around the house.  They can spend hours chasing a toy around, and they love to have fun. Start by providing them with as many toys as possible. This will allow them to explore and play on their terms. Cats love to hunt and chase things – make sure that you have at least three different types of prey-inspired toys in the room. If you can’t find any toy mice or furry mice, it’s okay! You could use little bits of food instead.
  2. Toss a ping pong ball, laser pointer, or toy mouse from room to room so they can hunt it down  
  3. Play hide-and-seek with your kitty by hiding an object under furniture and seeing if he finds it 
  4. Take a break! Curiosity might be killing your Maine Coon, but it’s also keeping him entertained. Give your kitty some time to explore and hunt for his fun by leaving doors open or placing objects on shelves that he can climb up and investigate. If you’re going out of town, set up an area with things like food bowls, water dishes, toys, and beds so they have space to themselves while you are away. You may even want to consider getting two cats if one of them is not as active – this way they can keep each other company while still having plenty of room to play!

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