Maine Coon vs Ragdoll

While they might seem similar at first, the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll are two very different breeds. They both have distinct characteristics and personality traits that make them great for different types of homes.

The comparison between Maine Coon vs Ragdoll

Breed Overview

Maine CoonRagdoll
Size10-16 inches9-11 inches
Weight15 – 20 lbs12 – 15 lbs
Eye ColorCopper, Green, Gold, Odd-eyedBlue
PersonalityGentle, Sociable, PlayfulDocile, Gentle, Sociable
Attention needs/SocialHighModerate to High
Family CatYesYes
Mousing SkillsExcellent
CoatLong, StraightLong, Silky
Tendency to shedHighHigh
Grooming NeedsHighModerate to High
MaturityUp to 3 yearsUp to 4 years
Lifespan9-13 yrs7-12 yrs
Price$500 – $2500$400 – $1500


Maine Coons originate from a rural area in Maine called New England in the United States. They are becoming popular in the 1800s when they were imported from Britain and their popularity continued to grow. The breed name comes from the state where they originated, Maine.

Though many people believe that the Ragdoll is the state cat of California, it is actually not found anywhere else in the world. The first mention of Ragdolls was by a woman named Margaret Conover who lived in Santa Ana in 1953. Ragdolls originally got their name from Raggedy Ann dolls that were popular at the time.


Maine Coons are larger in size, stockier, and have a highly defined musculature. They also have tufts on the backs of their ears and a bushy tail that can be carried in either a traditional curl or a more extravagant loose curl. Ragdolls, on the other hand, are known for being very docile. They are significantly smaller in size and have a sleek coat that is short all over but especially so around the neck and head area.


Maine Coons have a hunting instinct that makes them more likely to chase anything that moves; while the Ragdoll is more laid back and prefers a quiet environment with no sudden movements. Maine Coon cats are very intelligent and love to play with people around them. The Ragdoll, on the other hand, is known for being very playful with its owners but needs space to do so, as they don’t like being constantly touched or played with by people.

Maine Coons are much more active cats and will need a lot of space. They are also more cautious with humans than Ragdolls, but they are incredibly intelligent animals who can train their owners to do almost anything they want. Maine Coons also prefer to live alone, but they will enjoy the company of other cats in their territory when they want it.

Ragdolls are by far the most cuddly breed out there with a calm temperament that is perfect for new and nervous cat owners. They don’t need as much space as Maine Coons.


Maine Coons have a long lifespan when compared to Ragdolls. The average lifespan of Maine Coons is 9 to 13 years but they can live up to 20 years. Ragdolls are also long-lived, but not as much as Maine Coons, and they can only live up to 12 years.


Cats typically shed around the same amount of hair as humans do every year, but Maine Coons and Ragdolls can produce up to 50% more hair than other cat breeds. This is because these cats have a much thicker undercoat than other breeds.

Maine Coons and Ragdolls have a very thick undercoat which is why they are known for being excellent cuddlers. Their fur also has a different texture than other cat breeds, making it much softer to the touch. The downside of this breed is that they tend to shed more hair than others cats which means that they require more grooming time from their owners.

Grooming Requirements

The Maine Coon requires more grooming than a Ragdoll does, which means it has to be brushed and combed more regularly. This isn’t to say that a Ragdoll doesn’t need brushing- they just require less attention overall for their coat to look beautiful and shiny. Both breeds require regular brushing for hygiene reasons but Maine Coons require more brushing than Ragdolls because their coats are denser.

Health Issues

Maine Coons have a tendency to become overweight, which can lead to a number of health problems. Maine Coons can suffer from hip dysplasia, which is a genetic joint disorder where the ball-and-socket joint does not fit together correctly. They also have a higher risk for heart disease than other breeds of house cats due to their high cholesterol levels.

Ragdolls are generally considered healthier, but they still suffer from some genetic health issues. Ragdolls have a genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) that causes them to have poor immune systems and a higher risk of developing issues with their connective tissues. It is not contagious to humans or any other animals. EDS is an inherited condition that affects the body’s connective tissue which provides support for skin, bones, joints etc. The genetics for this condition have been well researched and it can be passed down from either parent.


Maine Coons are one of the most expensive cat breeds. The price ranges greatly depending on where you buy it and what color you want. The average price for a Maine Coon typically start from $500, but can go for up to $3000. Meanwhile, Ragdolls will cost less, start between $400 to $1500, and can go up to $2000.

Which cat is best?

There is no correct answer to this question. Every cat has its own personality, and it is very difficult to call a cat best in general. Some people prefer Maine Coon because they are more independent and they do not need as much attention as Ragdolls. Others prefer Ragdolls because they are more sociable and interactive with people. The Maine Coon would be better for active people due to its size, while the Ragdoll may be more suited for people who want a more calm cat.

Will a Ragdoll and Maine Coon get along?

Maine Coons and Ragdolls are both gentle, easy-going cats. In many cases, these two breeds of cat will get along nicely as long as they are raised together or introduced to each other at a young age. Both cats have a “relaxed” demeanor which makes them sociable and have lots of fun together. They also enjoy similar environments so there is less chance of conflict in the home.

How much is a Maine Coon Ragdoll mix?

Many people are looking for a mixed breed of cat, with Maine Coons and Ragdolls being two of the most popular. The crossbreed is generally less expensive than purchasing both breeds separately, but it can be difficult to find a mixed breed cat and Maine Coon Ragdoll mix kittens are being rare. They are crossed with two of the most popular breeds in the United States. This makes them one of the most expensive crossbreeds to adopt. The average cost of a Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is $1,000-$1,500.


The Maine Coon is a large, long-haired breed of cat with a distinctive appearance and personality. The Ragdoll is also a large breed of cat, but what sets them apart from the Maine Coon is that they have blue eyes, a semi-long coat of fur, and it’s one of the friendliest breeds around. Maine Coon and Ragdoll can live in harmony with other large breed cats, as long as they are introduced to each other when they’re young. 

Maine Coons are more expensive than Ragdolls. However, they are not always a viable option for some people because of their size and weight. Alternatives like Ragdolls are much cheaper, but they also have their drawbacks.

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