Rare Maine Coon Colors

Maine coon is a very old breed, dating back to the earliest recorded history, which is why it has so many colors to choose from. The Maine Coon’s coat color ranges from an almost pure white coat, black smoke, to an orange tabby.

Maine Coons come in many different colors and patterns and some aren’t even recognized by the fanciers of the cat breed! This means you can find some really unique and rare cats out there.

What are the most rare maine coon colors?

While silver and gold Maine Coons are the rarest of all, a specific kind of orange Maine Coon can be quite rare, as well. Solid orange Maine Coons are a really rare breed. It’s easier to find a tabby orange Maine Coon, but it can be quite hard to find a solid orange (and sometimes corn) one. You might luck out and find one during a visit to the breeder if you’re planning on getting one!

What are the most common maine coon colors?

Maine Coons have a variety of colors that you can choose from. Here are some most common colors of Maine Coon cats: Black, blue, cream and white.

What color maine coon is most popular?

The most popular colors are black, orange tabby, and tiger striped. White, grey-silver marble and fawn being some of the other more popular choices. 

Are there any other colors for maine coon?

The answer is yes, since there are 75 different colors of Maine Coons! Maine Coons come in 5 different color classifications: solid, tabbies, tabbies with white, tortoiseshell, and parti-colored (two patterns like yellow and white).

Another maine coon’s colors can range from cream, red, silver, and brown. It can also come in bi-color (one color with patches of another color like gray on the chest).

Do Maine Coon kittens change color?

Not only maine coon cats, the fur of other breeds of cats can change too. As they age, their fur will gradually change color until they’ve reached a stage where they’re a different color from the fluff they were born with-as is often referred to as a “fever coat.” On the flip side of things, it’s normal for cats to shed their outer coats & gradually reveal a new hidden layer of color.

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