How to Reduce Shedding on Your Maine Coon Cat

If you have a Maine Coon Cat, you know that they are one of the most popular breeds in America. They’re majestic and beautiful creatures with big personalities to match. But if you love their long, luxurious fur then be prepared for shedding season because it’s coming! 

Does a Maine Coon cat shed a lot?

One of the most difficult aspects of owning a Maine Coon Cat is dealing with all the shedding that they do. If you own a Maine Coon Cat, then you may have noticed that they tend to shed a lot. It’s not just annoying, it can be harmful to your furniture and carpets! But, if you’re willing to put in some time and effort into caring for your furry friend, you’ll find yourself living in a house without furballs.

At what age do Maine Coons shed?

Maine Coons can start to show signs of their first molt as early as 3 months old. However, this age varies from cat to cat, so it is important to remember that some Maine Coons will not start shedding until they are a year or two old. After they reach 2 years old, Maine Coons shed year round, and don’t have a specific time when they shed heavily or stop shedding.

Why do Maine Coons shed so much?

Have you ever been wondering why your Maine Coon cat is shedding so much? There are many reasons for this, but the most common answer is that it’s because of the seasonal change. While that is a common reason for shedding, there are other factors as well. One of the most common causes of excessive hair shedding is stress. It can happen when your Maine Coon is not feeling safe or is not properly groomed. 

Maine Coons have a double coat. These two coats consist of a thick, dense undercoat that is oily or wavy in texture and a protective outer coat. The thickness and coarseness of Maine Coon fur are the main reasons why they shed so much. The first one, the undercoat, is shorter and thicker. It sheds out to make room for the longer guard hairs that are very curly and will eventually fall off too.

How to reduce the shedding of a Maine Coon cat?

This can be frustrating for pet owners who want to keep their house clean. But there are things you can do to reduce shedding in your cat!

  1. Brush your cat daily.  Maine Coons are known for their long, thick fur. Regular brushing in the direction of hair growth will help to remove excess undercoat and reduce shedding. A regular grooming session will also help to prevent matting that can cause additional shedding. Brush in the direction of hair growth with a slicker brush, pin brush or comb with wide-set bristles where it feels comfortable for the cat and you should be able to see a difference in less than a month!
  1. Use a furminator on your cat regularly
  2. Bathe your cat once every month or two. Bathe your cat using our special shampoo and conditioner made from natural ingredients like tea tree oil and oatmeal. This will remove loose hair before it falls off
  3. Feed them a high quality diet that includes lots of moisture to keep their skin healthy.
  4. Keep the litter box clean at all times 
  5. Keep their nails trimmed
  6. Give them plenty of play time outside every day. Making sure that they spend time outside every day for at least 20 minutes. This will help them get rid of their undercoat without the assistance of shedding outside and it will also keep them happy and healthy!
  7. Make sure your cat is healthy by taking him regularly to the vet. If your Maine Coon cat is shedding too much for your liking, especially in winter when it should be growing fur not losing it, is to take them to the vet. A vet can rule out any medical issues and can also provide some grooming techniques and possible treatments to help keep the shedding under control. You can also ask your vet about a shedding treatment for your cat.

Can you cut the hair of a Maine Coon cat?

Maine Coons require a lot of grooming, but they can be trimmed with electric hair clippers. The only time you should get a professional to trim your Maine Coon is if the cat has long hair that needs to be cut regularly. If it is not possible to cut the hair of a Maine Coon cat because of their long and heavy locks, it is possible to groom them. There are many different types of grooming tools that can be used on these fluffy felines.

Some people will argue that you can trim their locks with scissors or clippers. This is true but you should be very careful when doing this because if you clip too much off, they won’t have enough fur to keep themselves warm in the wintertime.

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