White Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat comes in all colors and variations, with white being one of them. This color variation is also known as an “albino” cat. It’s caused by a lack of melanin production and results in a very light-colored coat and blue eyes. Some of these cats even have red eyes!

The first record of the White Maine Coon Cat appears in the first volume of “Our Cats and All About Them” by Frances Simpson, published in 1879. They became popular among animal show judges following the first successful showing at London’s Crystal Palace show in 1871.

White maine coon cats genetics

The genetics behind the white coat color is called “albinism” and it’s caused by a lack of pigmentation. Albinos have red or pink eyes because animal cells called “melanocytes” produce pigment for skin, hair and eye colors. For unknown reasons, these cells don’t form in albino animals – so they have no color at all – making them look pale or white.

The white Maine coon cat is a color variation of a Maine coon cat, not a separate breed. The white fur color is a recessive gene in the breed, which means that both parents need to carry it in order for their offspring to be born white. A white Maine Coon can happen if the recessive gene for coat color is expressed in both parents, or by mutation. It is not possible to get a ‘white’ kitten from two black parents, or from two pure red cats. To get a white kitten from these parents you would need to cross them with another pure white cat with no black or red in it.

It is still possible for two white cats that both have some hidden color in them to produce kittens that are partially colored, since it will depend on which colors they inherit from their grandparents and parents.

How rare are white maine coon cats

If you type in “rare cat breeds” on google, one of the first results is white Maine Coon cats. But white Maine Coon cats are not that rare. The number of white Maine Coons varies per region and country, with most being found in the United States even it is difficult to get an accurate count of how many white maine coon cats there are.

Did white Maine Coon have a different personality than other colors of the breed?

The personality of Maine Coon cats is not related to the color. The only thing that affects personality is genetics. Some people believe that white Maine Coons are more docile, but the answer is found in their genes. Maine Coons come in a variety of colors, but these colors have no effect on personality. It is not likely for a white Maine Coon to have a different personality than other colors because they are not genetic traits. The color of Maine Coons might also give them certain characteristics and we should not assume that they have a different personality just because they’re white.

All white maine coon cat

The all white Maine Coon cat has turned into a popular choice due to the popularity of the color white in society. They belong to the cat family known as “Van Cats.”, because the first white cat discovered was found in Van, Turkey. This coloration can be found in all Maine Coons but is more prevalent in females than males.  

White-combination Maine Coon

Black and white maine coon cat

White fur with black combination Maine coon cat is an interesting cat. A white Maine Coon cat with black markings on the ears, face, legs and tail-tip (known as a “black smoke”) is called a “silver shaded” or “ghost” and has pale brown or gray eyes, while a black-and-white Maine Coon with silver highlights (called a silver tabby) has green or blue eyes.

Grey and white maine coon cat

Maine Coons come in every color combination possible including white fur with grey combination. A white fur with grey combination is very unique that their bi-coloured comes with the only difference being the point colour/ patterning on the head or tail. 

Orange and white maine coon cat

White fur and orange combination: This color represents the striped cat and is one of the most popular among Maine Coon cats. It is found mainly in males and sometimes in females too. The stripe can be found on the head, neck, body and tail. It has a white undercoat and an orange overcoat.

Brown and white maine coon cat

White fur and brown combination: This color is not as common as other colors but it still exists among some Maine Coons as well as other breeds such as Sphynx, Devon Rexes, Norwegian forest cats, etc. The fur of this type of Maine Coon is usually white with brown markings, which are mostly on the ears, tail, and face.

Red and white maine coon cat

This type of Maine Coon has a distinct physical appearance with distinctive colors at the roots, which resembles white fur with red highlights. The coat can be either short or long haired, reddish brown combination coat with hints of copper or silver hair on its paws and chest area.

Blue and white maine coon cat

A blueish-white maine coon is strikingly interesting with its unique looks. The first idea that pops into people’s head when they see this captivating combination is that it looks like Santa Claus! The white coat with blue markings on their face, chest, paws and tail make them look like they were sprinkled with frosting!

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